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Recharging Lithium Battery 500W Solar Generator Portable Power Station for Outdoor Camping

Model No: UA551
Battery Capacity: 135200mAh/500Wh
AC continuous Output Power: 500W, Peak 1000W
Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
AC Output Voltage:100-240V,50/60Hz
USB Output: 5V/2.4A *2
USB QC Output: 5V 3A;9V 2A;12V 1.5A
USB C:5-20V PD60W
DC Output: 12V/5A*4
Cigarette Lighter Output: 12V 10A
DC Input: 22V 5A Max
Solar Input:18-24V Max
Car Charging:12-15V
LED lighting: 10W
Product Dimension: 192*218*192mm
Application:Indoor ,Outdoor,Camping, Hiking,Fishing,emergency, home backup, home care etc.
Product Protection:Over-Load,Over-Charge,Over-Discharge, Over-Heat,Short-Circuit protection


Recharging Lithium Battery 500W Power Station Mutipul Uses, Lighten Your Life:

One stop solution for the power supply demand of the digital electronic equipments, such as mobile phones,computers,cameras, UAVs, PTZ, live lights,projectors, outdoor speakers and so on. No anxitey on demanding power supply for outdoor activities,such as outdoor photography, live and entertainment. Enjoy the freedom of power supply.

Recharging Lithium Battery 500W Power Station Industry-Specific Attributes:

Power Source AC Adaptor, Car,Gas Generator,Solar Panel
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Inverter TypePure Sine Wave
Controller TypeMPPT
Special FeaturesType C, Flashlight, RV Port, Cigar Lighter, External Battery

Recharging Lithium Battery 500W Power Station Main Features:

1. Pure Sine Wave Output,stable without damage.
2. Portable lithium battery technology, greatly reducing the volume and weight of the product.
3. Adopt the charging and use technology, which is convenient for users to use.
4. There are three charging methods including mains charging, solar charging and vehicle charging.
5. Aluminum alloy shell, it can be used even at high temperature.
6. While using AC output, you can also use DC output, LED lighting.
7. The current data is always displayed when the battery is charged, including Short-circuit, Over-current protection,
Over-voltage, Low-voltage, Over-load and Over-temperature protection.
8. the products have been tested by the national certification, and the quality is guaranteed.

Why Choose Our Recharging Lithium Battery Power Station:

1. 100% true capacity, A+ quality battery.
2. Multiple protection PCB, intelligently match the working current.
3. High-performance engineering plastic housing, perfect structure.
4. Excellent workmanship and hand feeling, 100% aging test before delivery.
5. Support customized Logo/Package with MOQ 100pcs only.
6. Factory direct price, small profits with quick turnover.
7. Quick-response after-sale service and technical support from manufacturer directly.

Recharging Lithium Battery Power Station :Ideal for indoor and off-grid outdoor activities such as camping ,hunting, fishing, outdoor gatherings and music festivals, short blackouts, take the power station as an emergency backup power supply for phone, laptop,radio in the case of hurricane and fire.





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