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12V Portable Car Tyre Inflators P001

1. Model No.: P001
2. Vehicle power input: 12V 3A
3. Input voltage: charger 5V/1A
4. Battery capacity: 1200mAh 12V
5.Inflation efficiency: charging 1.95 mountain tires for 2 minutes Inflate from 0-2.5bar for 15 minutes
6. Battery capacity: 1200mAh 12V
7. Emergency lighting: 80 bright current for 10 hours
8. Working temperature: -20℃~70℃


Portable Car Tyre Inflators:

12V portable car tyre inflator p001 is easy to carry and easy to use. You don't need to go to the gas station to inflate, you can inflate at home, just connect the car cigarette lighter. Emergency supplies, suitable for a variety of inflation purposes (tires, balls, children's toys, etc.) it is more suitable for outdoor sports,

There is a heat dissipation structure on the back (heating is inevitable, it is best to pump for 10 minutes and stop for 10 minutes to pump).

Portable Car Tyre Inflators P001 Is Smart System:

  • The built-in microcomputer manages the whole system

  • It instantly measures the tire pressure when connected to a tire.

  • Automatically stops when it hits the preset tire pressure.

  • Monitors internal temperature real time and regulates the cooling fan accordingly.

Portable Car Tyre Inflators Is Powerful: 

It's small in size but it has high-intensity ferromagnet 380 motor, 30,000 rpm, and big in power output, 56w to be specific. The whole system produces 18kg of torque, enabling to produce 2.5bar/1.2Mpa/100psi of air pressure and pump 10-17 Liters of air per minute.

Portable Car Tyre Inflators Is Less Noisy: 

All the high manganese steel gears are precisely regulated to realize dynamic equilibrium, and the whole device is very tightly sealed, making it significantly less noisy than a regular tire inflator.

Portable Car Tyre Inflators Is Safe:

 It utilizes high quality lithium iron phosphate battery, which works well under temperature from -20℃ and 70℃/-4℉ and 167℉, is significantly less prone to spontaneous ignition and explosion than other types of battery, has a life of use up to 7 years, and is environment friendly.

What's Included

1*Car Tire inflator;1*Inflatable tube;1*Conversion head;1*Charging cable; 1*Storage bag

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